About us

Nestled in the enchanting hinterland of Byron Bay, Hendrix and Caesar weaves magic to create timeless pieces, in limited editions that awaken the radiance within. Our silk kaftans are homage to the ancient and angelic. Coded with colour and imbued with light. Working closely with the divine - It is the stimulus, the force, that is the primary source of inspiration. The muse.

Our bold and vibrant beginnings allowed us to go deep into the alchemical process that we so often speak about in our brand. The artists journey - breaking through the limitations and old stories that prevent us from living our fullest creative expression in the world. In calling all parts of our self back home, reclaiming our power and finding wholeness within to live out our highest timeline.

The metamorphosis of Hendrix and Caesar continues. In letting go of old identities (and how it served as a powerful portal for healing) - new life is rebirthed and a new story begins.